Sunday, February 25, 2007

Olimpic Feat

Let's hear it for D.C. United, who prefaced their MLS season with a big 4-1 victory in Tegucigalpa over Honduran champions CD Olimpia in the CONCACAF Champions Cup (CONCACAF's answer to the Champions League). This means that barring a complete meltdown at RFK on Thursday, D.C. United will reach the CONCACAF Final Four (okay, it's an eight-team tournament). The Houston Dynamo, the other US side, has a chance when it hosts Costa Rican champions Puntarenas in College Station; Houston trails, 1-0.

DCU would face off against either Chivas Guadalajara or Trinidad champions W. Connection. Suprisingly, the Trinidadians lead 1-0 going into the second leg at Guadalajara.

In other news... Middlesbrough? Really? Does anyone lose to them? Shit almighty. That was three points Reading really needed for the Europe chase, too. With Arsenal having two games in hand and up by six, this whole Reading-in-Europe thing might be turning into a pipe dream...


Goose said...

FYI, DC has made it to the semis (final four) of this tournament five times in six previous appearances: in 1997, 1998 (when they won the entire tournament), 1999, 2000 and 2005. Hardly breaking new ground.

Jeff said...

Thanks, Goose... post updated to reflect this