Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Jose Mourinho Is A Whiny Little Bitch

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is up to his old tricks again, bitching to anyone who will listen about how Manchester United has been unfairly lucky all season. He whined about Man U's lack of injuries (Chelsea lost keeper Petr Cech for a long stretch to a freak accident against Reading, and other injuries have hurt the Blues), and about some bad calls that went Man U's way, and about how Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger is apparently under less pressure than he should be despite the fact that Wenger's Gunners have a steady stream of top four Premiership finishes and a second-place finish in the Champions League to their credit.

Mourinho's a good manager, and I don't begrudge him that, but would it kill him to admit that Man U (which just beat Reading in the FA Cup 3-2 after the Royals' back line apparently failed to take the field until six minutes in) has a damn good team this year? Or that his front office wasted money on high-profile underachievers like Andriy Shevchenko and Michael Ballack, thus making Chelsea less able to pick up capable backups to hedge against injuries? Whining about some other team's "good luck" and trying to get another coach fired is simply being annoying.

Also, I love the beginning of this column written by an Italian guy about the Italian teams' performance in the Champions League. He seems honestly surprised and dismayed that one of the Italian players blatantly dove to get a penalty (and ended up with a yellow card). An Italian player diving? What a development! Absolutely shocking! It isn't like Italy only beat Australia in the World Cup because of the most blatant dive in recent memory or anything. Seriously, dude, Italian players dive. It's how they roll. If you pay attention to Italian soccer and haven't noticed this, you're either crazy or in denial. There's a reason Fark calls Italy's national team the "Azzurri grass-diving squad."

Here's a YouTube clip of the dive. It's absolutely hilarious.

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